Safe Abortion

Safe Abortions in South Africa

Terminating your pregnancy (abortion) is your legal right. Marie Stopes South Africa offers safe abortion services for unwanted pregnancies for up to 20 weeks. Our nurses and doctors are accredited professionals and experts in reproductive healthcare. Our work is strictly governed by the Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act (amended 2008) and we adhere to World Health Organisation Guidelines and protocols set out by Marie Stopes International.

Safe Abortion Procedures

Randburg womens abortion clinic South Africa offers two types of safe abortion procedures:

  • Randburg womens abortion clinic Medical Process (often called the abortion pill)
  • Randburg womens abortion clinic Procedure (a minor same-day surgical procedure)

Based on the gestation (stage of your pregnancy) our nurses and doctors can recommend what safe abortion procedure is right for you.

Randburg womens abortion clinic South Africa that offer safe abortion procedures and support. To make an appointment for a safe abortion book online or call Dr Fati on 0711693025.


We know that an unplanned pregnancy can be stressful and that having an abortion raises a lot of questions. We’ve tried to answer as many of them below in our Frequently Asked Questions section but if there’s something we missed give us a call Dr Fati on 0711693025 or ask us a question.